You know you are a Swede living in America when..

  • You just love to ‘fika’, and know that it is an activity that is meant to last for hours and is not the equivalent of going for a coffee.

  • You brag about the free healthcare and the free school system to every non-Swede that you have a political conversation with.

  • You have absolutely no idea what is meant by” Swedish massage” that keeps being advertised as a hot item in spas all over the world.

  • You feel bad if you’re not outside on a sunny day.

  • You go seriously sentimental when entering an IKEA store, outside the borders of Sweden.

  • Making fun of Norway is a national institution. And vise versa.

  • You get guilty conscience from throwing things in the dustbin that could have been recycled.

  • You constantly have to point out that not EVERYONE in Sweden is blonde, in fact you add that most people are not.

  • You know almost every other country in the world as well as most capital cities, or have at least studied this for a Geography test.

  • You actually miss “Knäckebröd” when you are abroad but never eat it in Sweden since it's too dry

    - You insist that Swedish chocolate is the best in the world, despite what the Belgians and the Swiss might say

    - Every time you see a Swedish brand/actor/company/phone/car/furniture store you feel compelled to point that out to your friends (with bottomless pride in your voice)

  • People say your name in fifty different ways, but no one can get it right.

  • You seriously want to hurt non-Swedes who ask "how's life in SWITZERLAND?"

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    Postat av: Klara

    Hahahahah , det var ju fan spot on på varenda jäkla punkt!! Så kul :D

    2011-04-06 @ 09:47:53

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